Frederick Kummer Lab


Frederick J. Kummer, PhD
Research Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, New York University School of Medicine
301 East 17th Street, Room 1500, New York, NY 10003; Phone: (212) 598-6565


Dr. Kummer has conducted orthopaedic research for nearly three decades at the Hospital for Joint Diseases in studies involving joint and implant biomechanics, implant-tissue interfaces, implant surface treatment, and fracture fixation devices. He holds degrees in bioengineering and biomaterials, materials science, and metallurgy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Long regarded as an expert in the uses of metals in orthopaedics, Dr. Kummer has been awarded over a dozen patents for devices, materials, and techniques in wide clinical use. He is the recipient of the Otto Aufranc Award from the Hip Society and the Russell S. Hibbs Award from the Scoliosis Research Society.